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Custom Manufacturing

We have wide selection of basic formulas which can offer to our customers formulating and customizing to their needs and specification. Our priority is their priority. Our operational structure are well equipped and align ensuring every item conform  to strict compliance to our customer’s specifications as to colour, compatibility with product packaging, composition, fragrance, pH, and viscosity.

Ease of doing business, we had established, implemented and executed the followings:

  • Site registration with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK)
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout our facility with full complete set on documentation.
  • Full complete set on documentations.
  • Staff training – One Point Lesson (OPL)
  • Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)
  • Traceability records, Incoming ( Raw & Packaging ) & Outgoing
  • Schedule periodic machine maintenance
  • Quality Assurance - buyoff procedures
  • Strict incoming and work- in-process Quality Control & Measurement.
  • Regulatory compliance service :
    Product registration, Certificates of free sale & GMP License for authority 
  • Strict Understanding of P&C (Private & Confidential) agreements to secure all customers and products integrity

How can we assist you creating a business partnership ?

Option 1

Pre-packaged and pre-printed stock formulations under your own private label in retail and professional sizes

Option 2

Stock formulations in bulk.

Option 3
Pre-filled unprinted stock formulations ready for applying your own label.

Option 4
Fill in stock formulations into your own containers